Why your business needs DNS Protection?

Most of the businesses (if not all of them) are using the internet in business but it’s risky if you’re exposed directly to the internet without protection.

Everyday we hear about cyber crimes around the world and how hackers steal information and sell it for money. It starts when you open an email from a clients/known provider that you’ve been waiting for but in fact it’s a scam email, All they are hoping for is to open this link and in less than a second all your data will get encrypted!!.

People might think they’re safe because they have the most powerful Antivirus software deployed across the board but in fact Antiviruses are useless when it comes to Cryptolockers


This is why DNS protection comes handy in protecting all the incoming and the outgoing requests from the users and servers.

What happens when we visit a website?


Usually when you visit a website for example www.2ksolutions.com.au what happens under the hood is that you’re sending a DNS request to find out whereabout is this website?

Then the DNS Server usually looks up this website for you and directs you to it regardless the classification or the safety of the website whereas with DNS Protection it does some checks before it connects you to it. These checks are:


  • Requests are getting checked through a massive database across multiple servers to ensure it’s safety.
  • If the website is OK, it loads up on your screen and if it isn’t then you will get a warning message on your screen preventing you from accessing it and disconnect the connection.
  • This database gets updated every 10 secs with the most recent threats for your safety.
Are there any other benefits from using Secure DNS?

DNS protection can also be useful if you’re looking for filtering websites like blocking Pornography, Gambling, Violence, Social Networking …etc.

    Does it slow down my internet during this checks?

    In fact it speeds up the browsing experience simply because the results of checking websites are already stored in another database for faster redirection which means there is no need to run a live test every time you visit a website.


    Secure DNS has become very important in securing networks. It’s considered the second layer of protection after the firewall ensuring all the incoming traffic hitting your network is safe!