Do I really need a firewall for my business?

Why does your business need a firewall?

What is hardware firewall?

Firewalls protect your internal network against various threats before it hits your internal network like hackers, Key-loggers, Trojans and Cryptolockers viruses …etc. 

Many small to medium businesses are operating everyday exposed to the internet relying on their router’s security which  obviously isn’t enough to protect their mission critical data.

Firewalls are considered the first layer of protection for the network. It inspects the incoming and the outgoing traffic against harmful traffic like viruses, Spam, bad traffic, intrusion and hacking attempts …etc.

If you have computers and servers hitting websites on a daily basis, then you have to have a robust solution taking over the first line of defense which will be the firewall.

Why do you need a firewall if we are planning to migrate our servers to the cloud?

I am glad you asked, If you are planning to migrate your servers to the cloud for whatever reason then I’m afraid you still need a firewall, simply because if you’re trying to browse to a website and it turns out to be malicious then chances are it may infect not only your systems but also your cloud based servers.

Protection for remote users

If your staff are mostly doing their work on the road then a firewall is needed to protect the traffic before it hits your network.

Imagine if a sales person wanted to access a sensitive file and he had no choice but to connect to a public WiFi which might not be secure then it’s going to be a good chance to implant a virus, or cryptolocker to encrypt all your data.

The most secure method is to use VPN where the firewall puts your connection back on a firewall to protect your traffic whilst accessing the required data.


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